update history

update: added time
update: added new track
v2.2 update: added magic dead spell
update changed the music
V2.1 update: added controls and credits button 
update: lowered the amount of attack rate when on powerup 
Update: added different Hit sounds for every creature 
V2.0 update added new enemy creature 
update: added some gfx and ingame text

V1.9 update: added change of missing attack and added stars over play button 
update: added new music by me 
V1.7 update: added lake on map 
update: fixed a bug in the speed powerup 
update: added upgrade text 
update: now hero has 0.2 better attack rate and speed each level 
update: now hero gets boost in attack rate when collecting speed powerups 
Update: added quest text 
V1.7 update: added powerup balls speed 
update: changed the sword to dagger 
V1.6 update added soposetobe goblin 
V1.5 update: changed the music 
update: added new enemy some kind of stone elemental giant 
V1.3 update: added enemy lizard 
V1.2 update: added berrys that heal 


Glory_Quest.7z 5 MB
Jun 20, 2017
Glory_Quest.swf 4 MB
Jun 20, 2017

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