update history

update added roll the dice in the cafe
update: fixed a bug in the activity
v2.9 update added some activity on the planet
update: fixed a bug in the navigation system
v2.8 update: added some activity in the cafe 
update: fixed a bug when you hit sell button and you dont have any the menu bar saying "you dont have any more to sell" kept showing up after you sold your last item i could not gett it to work so i removed the menu text :/ 
update changed the button sound pitch and changed the music 
V2.7 udate: added a while function regarding minimum price 
V2.5 udate: fixed a bug that would restore money if it equels zero 
V2.4 update: set the minimum price to 250 
V2.3 update: addes cursor 
V2.2 update: added pictures of ships :)
V2.1 update: changed the starting money and drones 
V2.0 update: changed the text a little in the marked 
Update changed the battle text a little 
V1.7 Update: added more music :)
V1.4 update: fixed few bugs :) added some help
15.10.2014 V1.3 update: some bug fixes 
V1.2 update added mining and raids on bandits and some bug fixes 
V1.1 After some work and lots of debuging V1.1 is finally ready if you find some bugs please let me know by commenting 
also if you have any succestions for future Versions please comment :)

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