update history

update: added map rotation system v3.0 update: changed the bullet gfx and added reset button v2.9 update: added keys movement support V.2.7 update: added new sountrack by me and added some anim to the play button V2.6 update: added hit rate  update: changed some of the sfx  V2.4 update: changed the cursor  V2.2 Update: added new enemy  V2.0 Update: added Hiscore  Update fixed the sound distortion when navigatin  update: changed the player shotrate from 20 to 175  V1.8 update: fixed 2 bugs  V1.4 update: added shadows on text on game over and win screen :) 

V1.4 update: added new music and changed the setinterval to if statement fixed some bugs i think

V1.3 update: fixed some bugs i think  V1.2 update: added powerup it was difficuld setting up the timers lots of debugging 


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Aug 03, 2017

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